Mad as hell

What do you do when there is a systematic breakdown in healthcare and duplicitous practices by insurance companies to deny legitimate insurance claims?

When Insurance Fails You: Surviving COVID In A Broken System

Today threw a wrench in my attempts to remain positive. What do you do when the system fails you? Between COVID long haul symptoms, an unexpected biopsy and an insurance adjuster that tells you to start a gofundme, just how do COVID Survivors survive the system?

Stupid expensive prescriptions

It’s a long road to recovery from COVID19, but in the words of Joe Cocker, it’s nice to know that ‘I have a little help from my friends’.

Lungs & Infections

I made it through COVID-19 without getting pneumonia, yet here I am in the ICU struggling for air.

Back in the ICU Again

I went in for a simple procedure and by the time I got home, I thought I was going to die. Little did I know, I actually was.

Let’s Get Physical (post) COVID19

I basically feel and look like the Tin Man after being confined to my bed for so long due to COVID19…this week I share how I’m learning to get moving again, manage pain and breathe post-COVID19.

The Quarantine Breakdown

The COVID-19 Quarantine Breakdown. What happens when you just aren’t feeling better and all hell breaks loose? In the words of Faith Hill, you cry a little, and die just a little. Or a lot.


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