Netflix, I’m Chill: My Top 10


Here are my 10 Netflix Series (ok, 12) recommendations (In no particular order):

1. The Crown – A rich and luxurious historical drama

2. Broadchurch – UK Police Drama with lots of familiar faces

3. Traitors – Post War Spy Thriller

4. Marcella – Gritty Police Procedural Who Did It–Reminiscent of Momento

5. Scientology & Aftermath – Can’t pull your eyes off of this documentary. Like a deer in the headlights

6. The Magicians – Harry Potter but for grown ups

7. Taco Chronicles – Learn about the geographical-cultural significance of each kind of taco across Mexico, salivate while doing so.

8. Body Guard – Dark, sexy dramatic suspenseful political thriller

9. Unbelievable – based on true stories. A must see for everyone as 1/3 women are victims

10. Sex Education – a comedy everyone needs to let off a little steam and laughter

11. The Chef Show – feel at home with the crew as they cook up all sorts of comfort foods and visit phenomenal restaurants across LA, Vegas and Florida

12. Movies that Made Us – get nostalgic and learn all sorts of stories about your favorite movies and about how they almost didn’t make it to the big screen

Bonus – Churchill’s Secret Agents: the New Recruits – if you’re into reality shows, this historical survivor is short, fun and fascinating. It’s a niche find on Netflix.

Alt Apps:

Hulu – Veronica Mars – dark, gritty humor and witty writing. What’s not to love?

Acorn – Ms. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – this historical drama comedy has been an Aussie favorite for years and is worth the watch. Serial Who’d Done It Police Crime Drama with Historical Moments Sprinkled throughout the episodes. The costumes have won numerous awards.

Acorn – Bomb Girls – this is another UK historical drama set in war time highlighting the efforts of the women in the bomb factories. Well worth the watch.

Amazon – Alex Rider – Fast paced, spy action thriller. Reminiscent of Tom Cruise type movies

Amazon – Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fun, snarky dark humored comedy representing early female Jewish comedians. Fantastic fun watch.

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