I Wanted & Did Dance With Somebody

A friend from work just shared this meme and I was magically transported back to October 2019

Adobe MAX 2019, the Company rented out all of LA Live and had a DJ playing on speakers throughout Main Street.

Customers and employees were all feeling really good having just wrapped up the launch of several new products (my team was amazing–we worked on Photoshop for iPad, Photoshop Camera, and Cloud Documents, as well as all of our other product annual updates–I’m looking at you Lightroom).


Whitney came on and I started singing out loud, because I could not help myself–and immediately I was in phenomenal soul melding harmony with this be-a-u-ti-ful, rich as smooth buttah, gospel voice from this hip black man in his late 50s singing with me from 20 feet away.

We of course instantly started playing off of one another’s singing and met each other in a small ring of spectators, fully and dramatically performing the whole song. I’d blame the alcohol, but we’d had none. We were simply elated on the joy of music and release all the past months’ work tension into letting go, creating the spectacular atmosphere of the evening. I know someone from my team got it on video.

Actually, a lot of someones got it on video. It was wild, enjoyable and probably one of my favorite public performances, including actual, professional performances. I’m sure it was off key as we sang at the top of our lungs as we danced but I don’t care. It was pure joy and I’ll never forget it.

PS-To my duet partner, whomever you are–you are amazing!

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