MC Hammer Pants & Care Bears

I totally had one of these made for me when I was in first grade.

I was teased nonstop because my mom made my clothes for me.

My great grandmother, Granny, a first-generation German who came to the United States before the War, made my blankets, baby clothes, my Care Bears, Rainbow Bright and Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

It didn’t matter to me why my mom made my clothes or why Granny made my toys. I didn’t wear what the other kids did and have the name brands that made other kids popular. Or that I was often told by school kids who came over that “didn’t have the real toys.” Those things didn’t matter to me.

The versions that my great grandma and my mom made for me, were special. Each handcrafted item still remains special to me, because even though we didn’t have much, these were unique gifts of love made for just for me.

Flashbacks to MC Hammer pants and Care Bears. Shelter in Place is creating all types of nostalgia.
Oh the classy “MC Hammer Pants.” I totally rocked this in first grade.

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