What is The Worst Part Long Haul Covid-19?

People often ask me if I’m feeling better.

I’m optimistic and not septic any longer, so I say that I’m doing better; but the truth is I live with all the post-viral COVID-19 symptoms below daily.

Additionally, I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue brought on by COVID19 almost two months ago; every day is a battle to not use up my energy and down spiral into a week-long flair-up.

I have future surgeries that need to be spread out because my body takes longer to heal.

Covid isn’t the flu. It’s nothing like it. You don’t want to pick up this virus and I urge you to speak with your loved ones about taking precautions to reduce the risk of exposure.

Covid is on the rise again and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be in a position to contemplate if they will ever:

  • have their life back
  • be able to live normally,
  • need to turn to go fund me to raise money because of a virus
  • “Suffering with a staggering list of symptoms that includes: cough, chronic fatigue, memory issues, vision impairment, chest heaviness, drastic heart rate and oxygen changes, sore throat, hair loss, heart palpitations, reflux, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, rapid hot flashes, joint paint, full body itchiness, tremors, mild fever, dry mouth, excessive thirst, overheating with no fever, rash, sleep apnea, chest pain and tinnitus.”

There are certainly long-term symptoms that are part of living with post-viral long-haul covid, but the one thing that causes the greatest injury is the question, “Are you feeling better yet?”


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