30-Something & Needing Caregiving

According to this WSJ article titled, Doctors Begin to Crack Covid’s Mysterious Long-Term Effects, “Nearly one-third of non-hospitalized patients reported being dependent on a caregiver three months after symptoms started…millions are living with long-term, sometimes disabling conditions.”

This is literally the state I am living in everyday. I wish I had a partner, spouse or housemate because frankly, I can’t do most normal daily acts of living anymore. I’m lucky if I have enough energy to shower once a week after working part time and trying to cook for myself. That’s about all I usually accomplish in the week.

Like the people in this article, I too have to depend on the kindness of my friends to be my caregivers. Sophia, Gayle and the occasional willingness of a neighbor to take me to the hospital for treatments, help me take out the trash, clean the bathrooms or change the bedsheets. Or sometimes, if I have the funds, I pay for someone to come help me. This is how debilitating living post-covid is.

If you want to get a glimpse into some of the issues that I deal with everyday, please read this article. The stories in here only begin to touch on what it is like for post-covid long haulers, but it is perhaps one of the best articles I’ve read so far.

This is also another argument as to why we need better healthcare to provide for the extraordinary needs of Covid-19 long haulers. We have 20, 30, 40 somethings in need of caregivers that insurance providers DON’T COVER. We know that a vast majority of this demographic is single. What will they do if their health does not improve? The US doesn’t have convalescent homes to recover in–we only have assisted living for the elderly and even those are even sparse and difficult to come by. We urgently need policy change and an influx of money to support the tidal wave of socio-economic upturn that is coming that our government and society is simple unprepared for.

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