Celebrating the Small Wins

I had a win today.

I’ve been so fatigued and bluntly, depressed, that I haven’t gone outside—even on my patio like I used to everyday. Plus with the increased intensity of the ongoing migraines I have everyday (thanks long haul covid), I have pretty much been holed up in my darkened apartment for the past two and a half months.

Late this afternoon, I felt well enough to go out on my patio and garden a bit. I was exhausted after 30 minutes, but I was so proud of myself for getting out into fresh air. I’m tired as hell now, but I feel like I reclaimed a bit of myself. It’s taken a long, long time since I came home from the ICU to even remotely begin to feel like maybe there is hope of recovery.

It might not be until well into 2021, but maybe there will be hope.

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