Netflix, I’m Chill: The Crown

I’m currently under a warm woolie blanket, sipping my #Manx Fairy Bridge tea while watching Season Four of The Crown.

I wish I was home for the holidays on the Isle of Man watching The Crown with Phillipa and Graham, talking about our mutually beloved show with dear Ella, and telling Jean how much she’s got to watch it. ❤️

If you’ve never seen The Crown, it is definitely on my Netflix, I’m Chill list of things to watch if you’re into dramatic history. The drama not only has exquisite costuming and sets, but the characters very much look and take on the mannerisms of the people they are representing. It’s quite eerie. It’s surprising how much you can learn as well as the drama doesn’t veer too far from historical context, documents, journals and rumors. Though don’t base your next report on the drama–it very much takes liberties in storytelling. It isn’t after all, a documentary.

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