I complain about LTD Practices, My Pay Is Deducted

Well, I feel totally fucked over. I brought up concerns with HR that the external Lincoln LTD Disability Insurance was intentionally not paying out–especially because they told me to “start a GoFundMe, we are never paying you” before they even got my medical records. I got a letter today from the Head of My Company’s Disability and Leave Team telling me that, “Due to my concerns, my past pay has been audited” and that they, “have concluded that they’ve over paid me for time [LTD insurance] disability should have paid me.”

My Company is going to deduct nearly $3K from my next two pay checks which are already reduced pay.

Which basically means my income will be below my cost of rent, utilities and bills since My Company will be making me “pay back” their oversight and LTD disability insurance has yet to approved my case—if they will even approve my case. I not only have no income coming in, My Company is taking money out.

I at least have enough ramen and rice to last me the next two months but neither is going to do me any good if I can’t pay rent. With this blow, I certainly will not have money to pay rent December 1, any bills, or money to afford my prescriptions short of a miracle.

I really don’t know what to do any more.

Every time I think I am going to make it and survive until I’m healed up, I get another blow.

Anyone have an extra $5K laying around?

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