Happy Halloween, from my bed

Long haul covid is no fun. I’ve started a new symptom that is horrific and I’m not sure what is going on. I saw the eye doctor at Stanford a while back because my eyes were bothering me, and now they are burning like I am in the middle of a forest fire, but there is no fire. Or allergens. Or anything else that should be triggering the issue. And huge clumps of rocks are on all of my eye lids.

I know Dr. Google isn’t a qualified doctor, but all of my symptoms on the Mayo Clinic symptom diagnosis tool points to a rosacea of the eyes. Which sounds like a rare thing. I already made an emergency appointment with my Stanford eye doctor. Loosing or even risking any of my eye sight is such a scary thought–I depend so much on them for my job, for photography, to enjoy the world and creation around me. These new long haul covid symptoms are a spooky enough story for this 2020 Halloween.

That being said, please enjoy these Halloween photos from my catalog.

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