Mad as hell

I am SO LIVID. The insurance system is completely reprehensible.

To catch you up: last month, I provided all of the correct information to the LTD insurance company for request my medical records so that they could complete their investigation and approve my LTD claim for COVID (long-hauler) caused disability. (You know, so I can receive 66% of my salary while recovering from COVID, pay my bills and rent.)

I have followed up with all of the medical facilities that needed to release information and each facility had informed me that the LTD Insurance company left out critical information needed to complete the medical information release request.

Each facility told me that they had sent a fax back to the insurance company notifying them what was needed but they never heard back. This was over a month ago.

The insurance company never responded and when I brought this up with the LTD insurance representative, she said she “never got that information” yet a week later, she forwarded emails to me that were clearly to the contrary.

Late last week, the LTD insurance agent told me that all information needs to be in by 10/21 (tomorrow) and she said, “If she was me, I should go to each facility in person to request my documents.” She then implied if the documents weren’t submitted in time, it would be my fault and my LTD claim would be denied.

So with your help and a fantastic friend providing me a place to stay, I made the long, arduous trip down to SoCal to get my medial documents for the LTD insurance claim. This is stressful on my body, my recovery and frankly, without having the LTD DISABILITY INCOME, it is a financial undertaking that wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

Which begs the question: what the hell do people do who are in the hospital or wheelchair bound? What do people do who don’t have the financial ability to run around and do the job of the insurance company? They go FUCKING homeless, which is where I might be headed if this doesn’t get resolved.

Back to what has upset me to no end. Last week, I contacted each medical facility again, confirming the exact information and format needed for each release of information request from the LTD insurance company. I provided all of this information to the insurance representative handling my case. I called her to confirm that she received it. She told me she had and that she HAD RESENT all of the requests with the information I provided.

Spoiler Alert: she didn’t.

This week, while in SoCal following up with each facility, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE MEDICAL FACILITIES has informed me that the necessary information I provided the LTD insurance company was LEFT OFF of the release of information requests that were sent in. In the past, I attributed this as the insurance representative simply missing a few items or symptomatic of a broken medical system. Those things could still be true, but I am a data person and there is a clear pattern. The LTD insurance.

It is clear to me that the LTD insurance company representative is completely incompetent or worse yet, she is intentionally not filling out the request forms properly so that the information from my medical providers cannot be provided in time for the LTD deadline.

This is simply duplicitous practices by an insurance company to deny an insurance claim.

I am doing my best to fight against this system, and it will take more resources to be able to request all of the documentation still needed for my claim. I am also worried about how I am going to pay bills and make rent at the end of the month in less than 10 days.

If you can help in ANY WAY–I would super appreciate it.

Financially, if you are able to donate to the GoFundMe or Venmo me any amount, small or large, or if you’d like to cover a basic living bill on my behalf it would help tremendously.


If you have a contact that knows how to battle insurance companies, please introduce me. I feel so overwhelmed trying to juggle all of this, try to work part-time, go to doctors’ appointments and recover from my post-covid issues. It is exhausting and too much for one person to handle on their own.

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