Influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk Dead of Covid

I’ve personally never heard of him, but I’ve been living under a rock from working 80 hours a week and then Covid. Influencer Dmitriy Stuzhuk told his many followers repeatedly that Covid19 wasn’t real and then contracted the deadly pandemic. He passed away due to complications of Covid19 at the young age of 33.

Covid can take the life of any one, no matter the age, fitness level, ethnic make up or social-economic status. The virus does not discriminate.

I want to urge everyone who reads this and who’s family and friends share my blog articles with them to please take Covid seriously. Take my story and Mr. Dmitriy’s story seriously.

As I said, you can be young, in the best health, and covid will still fuck up your immune system, organs and put your body in failure. Not to sound cold or diminutive, but you shouldn’t be focusing on the stories of those who died–you should be focusing on the stories of those that lived and what they are suffering with.

We don’t even yet understand the full extent of this pandemic on the human body yet. With each passing day and each death announced, I am truly realizing more and more, how astonishing it is that I didn’t die from this horrific virus. I hate to think of what the lasting impact will be upon the majority of the population that is horrifically and acutely effected by this disease and the adjacent disabilities that have been developing in long haulers, like myself, the wake of its infection.

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