Black & White Photography on Madison River

I need a distraction from all the pain that I am in. Since no amount of medications are helping, the doctors have recommended that I continue to keep blogging and doing art therapy with my photography. So today is an Ansel Adams inspired day.

Black and white photography has been a long time favorite tool of my own and many photographers to help viewers drive into the details of a dramatic photo.

I personally deeply love this space along the Madison River in Yellowstone.

The sweeping clouds over the mountain landscape surrounded by the swelling river is absolutely breathtaking in person. It’s also one of the most serene places you could spend an afternoon.

As much as I like this color images, it is rather unremarkable compared to the colors of a sunset or golden hour. B&W amps up the drama by allowing my eyes to details I overlook when color is present.

In celebration of Ansel Adams and his impact upon B&W landscape photography, I am going to share a side by side showing the transformative power of B&W. This photo was shot using a DSLR, (Adobe Camera) Raw format, and developed as black and white image using Adobe Lightroom Classic or Lightroom for Mobile.

Feel free to let me know if you’d like any tips on how to take your day time shots to a dramatic, new level.

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