Long Haul Covid Might Actually be, Well, Long

Nothing like injuring yourself trying to clean. I hate being a #longhauler.

I made the mistake of trying to clean the floor and lift the cat box trash. I aspirated a large quantity of stomach acid uncontrollably and then I physically could not get up because my muscles all over my body were spasming. I was stuck on the ground, unable to get up. I’m pretty sure there was a commercial with a geriatric woman in the 90s for an emergency button that used to say, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Well, today, post-covid Rebecca has become that geriatric woman. I had definitely fallen and was not able to get up off the floor. So I had to sit in defeat for nearly an hour until I had enough energy to crawl to the couch and use the cushion to lift myself to the seat of the chair.

It’s all post covid issues. I’m just realizing I literally can’t clean any thing anymore without significant challenge or complete inability.

I made a few calls sprawled out in pain on the couch. My neighbor was fortunately home and she was able to put a strong Lidocaine patch on my back that has helped a bit with the pain.

If LTD comes through or when I’m actually back to work full time, I clearly will need to hire someone to help me on a regular basis with housework until I’m better. My doctor has told me that although she was initially optimistic, they are starting to think it will be a long time before people recover.

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