When Insurance Fails You: Surviving COVID In A Broken System

I could really use some prayers and good vibes this week. Yesterday was one of the most challenging post-COVID flare-up days. COVID brain was at its worst, my head pounding, vertigo not under control, and my body’s internal thermostat was flat out broken. I had to take a five-hour nap and I was still in bed by 8 pm. I’m glad I am improving each day, but the sudden flare-ups are real and debilitating.

Today threw a wrench in my attempts to remain positive. I got a nasty gram from the LTD telling me I am still not approved / job-protected for my doctor’s reduced work schedule as accommodation. But I didn’t have time to address that worry because today is Tuesday, and I have several doctor appointments today.

This morning I went in for a new rash that appeared last week. My doctor pulled another doctor in for a consult. Before I knew it, I was being asked to sign a consent form. I just had an unplanned biopsy and stitches from the sample taken all before lunchtime. The doctors have no idea what it is, so multiple tests will be run, and I’ll hear back in two weeks. They suspect it is either a direct result of COVID and because I’m an early case they are seeing it for the first time on me, or it is something that happened because COVID lowered my immune system. Either way, COVID is the nightmare that I just can’t wake from.

If I only had to deal with one major stressor, I’d probably be ok.

But with health unknowns, limited income that won’t meet the bills, LTD in question, and work issues, I just feel overwhelmed.

I’ve been asked by many people how they can help me right now as I recover from COVID. One of the most significant ways you can help me is to share my story far and wide.

  • First, educate people on how broken the system is and just how severe this virus can be.
  • Secondly, I really need to raise financial support to continue to meet my essential bills over the next few months while I am on a restricted part-time work schedule recovering from COVID.

The LTD Insurance adjustor told me that even if I am approved–it’s slim since I am the first COVID case that has come across their desk–I won’t get paid for 2-6 months. I asked how I was to meet my bills, like rent, internet, and food.

The adjuster told me to start a gofundme.

When your insurance company instructs you to start fundraising to meet your bills, things get real. I know the amount I need to raise will only be met when my story is shared far and wide.

Frankly, I know that I will need compassionate, willing, and able friends-of-friends and complete strangers to donate to my COVID recovery fund to raise enough to cover what insurance or limited hours at work are not currently providing.

If you’d like to support me, please donate to either:

Lastly, please continue to pray, send good vibes, and encouraging messages my way.

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