Covid-19 Caused Gastroparesis

I’m rolling with the punches, drop kicks and being grateful for every good bit of news.

Yesterday, doctors were rushing to see if I had a brain bleed (stroke) or if I had brain swelling (edema)—you know, all the scary stuff seen in medical tv dramas. The fantastic news is that I did not have the big baddies. The horrible news is that the person brought in shortly after me two rooms down did have a stroke and was coding as I was being released.

A lot of young, post-Covid long haulers have been known to have sudden strokes.

I am certainly appreciative of your prayers that I did not join that statistic. The doctors aren’t sure what exactly caused my sudden symptoms, but I’m most likely going to be referred to a neurologist.

I’ve been having other post covid issues that are neurological—covid brain (look it up, it’s weird and frustrating), clumsiness (I fell hard last week), and tingling in my limbs, which could also be due to malnutrition since my stomach isn’t fully processing food.

Which bring me to the results of my radioactive toast and eggs. Although they stopped the test halfway through, it was pretty clear that my stomach isn’t working properly, and food isn’t being digested. I’ll find out more today about what the GI specialist will want to do.

My infectious disease doctor and PCP are also trying to get me into a Covid ME/CFS study that starts next month.

I have several doctors’ appointments today as well as a call with the insurance company to find out why I might be denied long term disability insurance.

My doctor has me on a restricted schedule and I when asked my employer to accommodate the restricted work schedule, I was told that they wouldn’t pay my salary for the restricted time, and that I’d have to use a long-term disability claim.

I was worried before about being able to meet my bills with the gap in income since LTD is a percentage of your salary. But now, I’m even more worried about income loss if I’m denied LTD all together.

Lastly, I want to thank everyone again that has donated to my GoFundMe fundraiser and shared it out with friends and family.

Because of your support, I was able to purchase prescriptions and a few medical items that weren’t covered by insurance, as well as pay off some of the medical debt I owed Stanford. I’m still in need of raising support for a few future surgeries as well as to bridge the gap next month until I can hopefully get back to work unrestricted. Again, a HUGE thank you to everyone.

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