Radioactive Eggs & Toast

I’m back in the ER.

This morning started out normal. Well, my new normal.

I ate a radioactive breakfast of eggs and toast and have images taken every hour to track what parts of my GI track and stomach aren’t working properly any longer.

Radioactive eggs and toast…not the breakfast Dr. Seuss wrote about.

I’m eagerly awaiting the results. I’ve been looking pregnant for months since having Covid19 despite not eating anything but chicken broth, an occasional potato and toast. Insult to injury, my pants don’t fit anymore because my stomach is so distended, and I had to buy stretchy pants on Amazon. My GI doctor said he is certain its because my stomach is not processing food properly.

I went outside to find a private corner to work and enjoy the sun. As I was typing a response to a work email, I noticed that I started having blurred vision. When I went back in for my next image, I asked the residents if it was a side effect. I could see the looks of panic in the residents’ eyes as they took my blood pressure. Let’s just say it’s super high.

Their attending soon came in and I had an exam to make sure my heart sounds good. Everyone seemed both relieved and concerned at the same time. The head of the department came over and told me the good news: I’m not having heart issues and my blood sugar is good, but they don’t know what is wrong and cannot let me go home until they do.

Unfortunately, this means a trip to the ER down the hallway.

In other anxiety producing news, I also received an email telling me I might not qualify for long term disability insurance. I have an appointment with the agent tomorrow morning to learn more.

LTD left a gap in income to cover my expenses, but at least it was income.

If I am no longer approved for LTD, then frankly I don’t know what the hell I’ll do.

I’m in survival mode just focused on getting better.

I’d really like it if someone could wake me up from this nightmare.

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