If Covid-19 Doesn’t Get You, Sepsis Might

I’ve been a bit quiet on my end as this week as been tough.

Most of you don’t know, I’ve been septic twice now, which is extraordinarily difficult on the body.

After immediately having COVID19, my body went into septic shock, and I had multiple, systematic infections. Most of the infections took over three months of antibiotics to clear up while my immune system recovered.

One of the worst infections I had, was an infection all over my skin, everywhere on my body. It was like having poison oak.

When I was septic last week, my immune system dipped again and the infection has returned, and it’s much worse.

Needless to say, I’m miserable and the medication isn’t helping yet.

The good news is that the pneumonia seems to be getting a little better. I go in for my 10th COVID-19 test this afternoon so I can go into the doctor’s office tomorrow to be examined. I’m hoping I get good news that my lungs are clearing up and I won’t need another round of antibiotics.

I am also now on part-time long term disability as I continue to try to recover and as I prepare for more procedures. It’s anxiety producing to have my salary cut so much when my rent was just raised and to know I have 3-4 more surgeries with long recovery times that I will need before the end of the year.

I see a surgeon on August 3 to discuss upcoming surgeries to fix a few issues in my GI tract. I also have an upcoming procedure on August 10 to “eat nuclear food.” This will help determine how many nerves in my stomach are no longer working and to see what kind of surgery I may need there as well.

I’m living in my own episode of House and that’s scary stuff.

Lastly, I wanted to say thank you again to everyone that has sent me encouraging messages, donated to help with some of the financial burden and shared my story with others. This virus had made me feel tremendously isolated and overburdened physically, emotionally, mentally and financially. This past week you all have reminded me that I am not alone—I have friends that care for me, that lift me up in times of struggle and that there are amazing strangers who have become new friends.

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