Stupid expensive prescriptions

I’m doing better today, my numbers are finally improving, and my lungs are starting to clear up, though I’m told it will be a few weeks before they are back to normal. I finally get to go home, albeit with a bag full of extremely expensive medicine. At least my insurance is covering the almost $1K worth of prescriptions.

Which begs the question: how to people without health insurance get treatment or survive??? Even with insurance, medicine is stupid expensive.

My friends Sophia and Karie have been watching me go through the struggle of recovering and the overwhelming amount of financial insecurity COVID19 has created in my life. Before I even was released from the ICU, Go Fund Me and Facebook campaigns were created to help raise financial support on my behalf. One of my favorite vinyl’s sitting at home is by the great Joe Cocker and I feel like I deeply understand his lyrics even better today than I ever had before:

It’s nice to know that I have a little help from my friends.

Joe Cocker

It’s scary knowing the reality that I am depending on the generosity of others to bridge the gap in essential living and medical bills until I can get back to work full time.

It’s going to be a long road to recovery and but I’m confident that I am on my way now that the doctors have identified things that need to be fixed.

If you would like to help fund my recovery from COVID or if you are willing to share the fundraisers with your network of friends, you can find them here:

Facebook COVID19 Recovery Fund:

Go Fund Me COVID19 Recovery Fund:

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