Mental Life Rafts In the Middle of Bad Diagnoses

What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas!

A few years ago, a few of us ladies went to Vegas for a fun weekend of Seinfeld, slots and famed Gordon Ramsay dishes, and I left having connected with Ashley Papagno, a strong, fantastic boss lady who also has an infectious laugh.

A month ago, when I was receiving bad diagnosis after bad diagnosis, due to the effects of COVID19, I put a call out on FB for little cards or care packages to be sent to me. I’ve received a few things that I have set aside unopened, so when I have really 💩 days, I pick one up and open it.

Kind letters of encouragement and thoughtful gifts have really been a huge mental life-raft in the middle of several months of trying bad news.

Cards and gifts of encouragement and life rafts in the midst of bad news upon bad news.

This week, there was some really hard hitting 💩. So, I opened a little package Ashley brought over a couple of weeks ago. Her kind words and gift were a much needed reprieve! And the lotion is just what the doctor literally ordered!

Little did she know, but the beautiful gift box she picked out matches my décore perfectly. The time and thought put into this little ray of sunshine care package really made me feel cared for and loved. I’m really glad not everything stays in Vegas!

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