No Energy, No Problem

Summer is coming right along 🌞🌱🍅🌶🥒

I planted my seeds exactly 4 weeks ago and this week I’ve been harvesting fresh lettuce, tomatoes, Swiss chard, and exotic herbs from my hydro-aeroponic towers.

I’ve been growing my own produce in my tower gardens for eight years and coming from a family of farmers, I can say that this is easiest way of gardening and nearly impossible not to succeed.

I’m still not well enough to even do the light gardening work myself, so I am really fortunate that I have a few fantastic neighbors that are helping me out with all of the labor. In exchange, they get fresh grown produce in the middle of a pandemic without leaving the building and I get to enjoy a fantastic green space.

Update: I’ve gotten a lot of DMs asking where my towers are from. Disclosure: I’ve been selling them to chefs, families, urban famers, and community centers for over a decade. If you’d like to learn more or to quickly start growing your own organic food while you shelter in place, you can check out the same aeroponic/hydroponic towers I use on my sister site:

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