Prescription for Vitamin d

Continuing the recovery journey and enjoying the sun per my doctor’s orders. A prescription for sunshine? Yes, please! After months in bed, I am glad to absorb short bursts of sunlight as much as I can tolerate. My most recent bloodwork shows that I am becoming deficient in a few vitamins, so sunshine is a great way to get some vitamin D.

Covid seems to have changed my body’s ability to tolerate the heat like I used to before, so this summer will certainly be interesting. I’ve talked to my doctor about noticing that my body doesn’t seem to regulate any of my temperature like it used to before. It’s such a strange feeling to not recognize how your body is responding to its environment after 30+ years on this planet.

I will at least enjoy the little things about my convalescing time off. And one of those nice things is no longer needing to put on makeup for work.

A prescription for sunshine? Yes, please.

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