What would you do if you were given a Toe Tag, Rather than a Covid Test?

That’s exactly, and in some cases, quite literally, the position indigenous communities in the US are being put in.

As of today, most indigenous communities still haven’t received PPE or any stimulus funding, and the Navajo Nation has the highest COVID19 rates IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY—above any state.

And the Navajo Nation has had more indigenous lives lost “to Covid-19 than 13 states combined” because they still do not have the adequate supplies necessary to fight the pandemic virus. To add insult to injury, rather than send the Covid supplies requested, some tribes’ health resource centers in the US are receiving body bags instead.

These current issues are tantamount to systematic genocide by biowarfare. It’s not the first, second, or third time this has happened in US history.

Biological warfare against the indigenous people of this country is nothing new. The US and British armies were known to send in critically needed supplies laced with smallpox. And when tribes were promised food rations as part of the treaty of giving up their hunting grounds, the US government intentionally starved out the communities by sending useless materials to the reservations.

Contrary to perception, this was not hundreds and hundreds of years ago. These genocidal actions were just a few generations ago. The atrocities committed by the US government to the Sovereign Tribes indigenous to this land are all too fresh in the indigenous collective community mind. What’s tragic and intentional is that these same events have collectively been annexed from our collective US western memories.

If you want to help in a real, tangible way, support the Water Warriors United – A Collective Medicine Campaign that are bringing water to those who cannot get it themselves. Checkout Zoel Zohnnie’s page to learn more about the efforts to help the Navajo Nation.


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