Tulips & Strokes

This past Saturday, I was asked to come in for in-person tests and exams due to the post COVID19 recovery issues I’ve been having. After several tests, the doctor told me she had great news. I looked at her strangely and asked if they had a prognosis of how long it would take to get better. “No, but we have just ruled out permanent neurological damage from the virus.” I was stunned.

The doctor told me that they were highly concerned that I was in immediate risk because many young people my age have been having strokes and other sudden nervous system issues due to COVID-19. She didn’t want to “worry me unnecessarily.” I was super grateful that she didn’t tell me—I thought it was a simple follow up since I have so many other COVID19 recovery issues.

When the initial shock wore off, I asked her if I was out of the woods and would start recovering soon. She told me my body has gone through a major ordeal with COVID-19, that it would take some time and that I needed to go in for more imaging testing immediately.

Which brings me to this afternoon. I’ve slowly been processing the reality that being COVID-19 “negative” doesn’t mean slowly ramp back up. At least not in the way that I had hoped. I have several check-in appointments with my doctor this week. I see my care team more frequently than any other people in my life right now.

Today, my doctor told me that the next set of tests will hopefully give them better answers to build a prognosis. On the flip side, if it leads to more questions, I will be referred over to their version of Dr. House in the infectious disease department.

The reality is that one doesn’t have to have an externally “bad case” of COVID-19 to be extremely impacted by the virus.

I’ve had a few people ask me what they can do to support me right now and this is about all I have come up with as we are all socially sheltering in place.

Since hugs are a no-go right now, obviously prayers and good vibes are appreciated and so are cards and care packages. Someone surprised me by sending tulips & some other goodies and it really lifted my spirits. I’m not going to lie; I could use more of that surprise sunshine right now. It’s been a challenge not to feel overwhelmed, scared, stressed and at times, isolated.

At my doctor’s recommendation, I am going to be taking a few weeks off to focus on all the appointments and recovering from COVID-19. It’s difficult for me to leave my team on their own for a while in the middle of some of the biggest projects I’ve set up for the year’s strategy, but I know I’ve prepared them well and I need to put my health first.

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