Dog Parks & Immune Systems

Even though the Department of Health said to close down all common spaces and amenities in our building to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the apartment manager decided it’s a good idea to reopen the dog park next to my patio.

Which not only prevents me from using my private outdoor patio that I pay for but increases the traffic by my front door exponentially.

Mind you: there are THREE LARGE DOG PARKS less than two blocks from our building that people can use.

I don’t mean to be insensitive. Maybe there is another reason the Department of Health is being ignored (though I think that is against the law)? I just cannot afford to get sick again. Or sicker than I am. And I need sunshine. My doctor has prescribed me to go outside for at least one hour a day.

I’ve sent a letter to the building manager, but I know she won’t do anything–except possibly retaliate in other ways, so I won’t push the issue.

Response from the building manager: “Having 500 residents go through the lobby to let their dogs out increases their chances of getting COVID-19, so we need to open up the dog park next to you to reduce their risk. ‘You are one person.’”

The building manager has a letter from my doctor that I have a compromised immune system right now. Every single one of those 500 tenants have their own private outdoor balcony that they can go to during quarantine but now I have to share my private space with the whole building. I’m learning real quick that ablest rights really do trump those with disabilities.

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