Dreaming About Tomorrow

Today is a Fleetwood Mac day.

I have so many prescriptions that I take…I don’t even know where to begin.

Do I take the Red or the Blue pill first?

Either way, instead of dwelling that I am now clearing out a beloved spice cabinet to house all of my prescription medications, I am picking a vinyl of the day to listen to. Today, I am listening to one of my favorite live recorded albums–The Dance by Fleetwood Mac. I remember the first time I listened to this album, I borrowed my bff’s cd and listened to it on repeat on a long car ride across the Mississippi into Minnesota to visit family. The USC Marching Band is what really makes this recording come alive as the perfect backdrop to the famous on-again-off-again romantically troubled, musically gifted quintet.

This is my phenomenal high, spirited anthem for my day as I take eight different prescriptions to help heal my body from the damage COVID-19 has caused as it is (hopefully) on its way out the door.

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