Karma is a B*tch

To all the assholes who are seeking to profit off of the pandemic: karma is a bitch.

Those of us who are sick are instructed to disinfect all surfaces in our homes, EVERY DAY, multiple times a day, so we don’t reinfect ourselves–but when all the cleansers are sold out, we can’t do that.

So we will continue to get sick and need to leave quarantine to seek care.

And when we are instructed to wear masks so we don’t spread Covid-19 when we leave the house to seek medical care, but we can’t get masks because you’ve also already bought every last mask on the market, our Covid-19 infused droplets mist the air.

To those of you who are hoarding and selling these critically and medically essential items for $200-$1500 above the normal MSRP, don’t be surprised when the virus comes and visits your doorstep.

End of rant.

AITA?: When the worst of humanity reveals a taste for exhausting the supply chain, hoarding essential medical supplies and flooding eBay with inflated prices. I really do hope that Karma is a B*tch and these individuals get stuck with supplies they cannot sell and they must donate to hospitals or clinics in need.

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