Where Are The Tests?

This chart shows how vastly underprepared we are for the COVID-19 outbreak.

Stop relying on the false notion that there “aren’t that many cases.”

The problem is that the CDC hasn’t released enough testing supplies for doctors and medical staff to really know how many potential cases of Covid-19 there currently are among the 329 million people living in the US today.

The restrictions to getting one of those oh-so-rare tests? Doctors need to know with absolute certainty that a patient has severe, latent stage Covid-19 symptoms and in most cases, that the patient has been in contact with another POSITIVE Covid-19 case. In other words, test the patient long after they have infected a whole host of their social network and usually after they have been admitted to the ED or hospital with Covid-19 complications.

And those CDC Covid-19 tests? Doctors and researchers have stated early concerns that negative results are only a 60% accuracy with a standard deviation of 10. That means a range of 4 out of 10 people to 6 out of 10 will have a false negative and have Covid-19. That is why it is important for physicians to have the latest information coming out of Wuhan, China and to collaborate with other medical professionals and researchers around the world to better gather data and understand Covid-19 in real time in order to better help their patients.

Meantime, we need to demand our elected leaders to bring back funding and leading scientists to the CDC so that we can improve on the current Covid-19 test for reliability and to make it faster. Right now, the turnaround time to get a test result is days–even weeks in some states. We need a rapid test that is accurate in order to ramp up early testing and curb the pandemic in the United States.

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